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Your college recruiting search should be about what you want from the experience and finding colleges that meet your academic and athletic goals.


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If your family needs personalized support or your organization would like to offer college recruiting to help your players, give us a call.


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The odds of winning an NCAA sports scholarship are miniscule? Each year only about 2 percent of high school athletes will win a sports scholarship at an NCAA program, and when it comes to playing professional sports, the college you attended does not always determine where you are going professionally or personally!

If you are looking to be recruited, the fact is: college coaches are not searching websites looking for you. A spot on a college roster is just like getting a job – you need to apply, you need to be qualified and above all you need to make the connection. Since 1989, we have helped college bound athletes make a college connection with proven results. With 5800 Universities and over 250,000 college coaches covering 23 sanctioned sports, coaches are looking for the brightest and best.

If your goal is to play at the collegiate level, why not have a personal plan to maximize your college recruiting efforts? From a simple consultation to personal guidance and planning sessions to monthly communications and recommendations covering showcases to campus visits and more, we’ve got your game!

To learn more about Custom College Planning & Mentor Services – simply call toll Free 866-829-2606 - or shop online and pick a program to help you navigate the college maze.


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