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Your Members Only platform is designed to guide you and your family through the college application and recruitment process starting in grade nine (9).

Student-athletes can create a comprehensive personal profile, including college preferences, academic achievements, extracurricular activities related to their experiences, and tell their story live online to college coaches and admissions officers anywhere – anytime.

Tell Your Story

Rather than relying only on a standardized test score or letter of recommendation, student-athletes can present their complete body of work to 5800 two and four year colleges live online – supporting 23 Sanctioned College Sports.

Key Members Only Benefits Include unlimited access 365/24/7 and FREE Mentor Support

MATCHFIT® NETWORK – With 250,000+ college coaches live online recruiting NCAA, NAIA, USCAA, NCCAA and NJCAA athletes it's easy to link, share and connect.

College Profiler™ Network – You have opportunities with 5800 universities, featuring thousands of majors and degree programs. Take a virtual college tour online, apply, and find your perfect fit

Custom Searches = More options and opportunities to find the right fit

College Connector – College Coaches are not searching websites looking for players – they want to hear from you – use the instant connection link and upload your recruiting profile in seconds.

Academic Eligibility Calculator – As a prospect, you must meet academic and athletic eligibility. Don't wait to find out your perfect college is not able to recruit you. Remove the guesswork and identify where you are in the recruiting process.

Core Course GPA Calculator – Grades – money and the calculator help you understand where you are academically and the courses needed for college admissions and athletic eligibility.

Custom Resume – Tell your story and get the attention you deserve with a custom recruiting profile – everything a college coach and/or admission officer needs to evaluate you.

Cover Letter – Don't wait for someone to find you – communicate your story effectively with admissions and athletics and start by saying, "Hello!"

Video Library – Ever wonder what a coach looks for in a prospect? How about players who got recruited – want to know their secret? How about parents navigating the recruiting maze? Better yet – how about a step-by-step on how to approach and what admissions is looking for in an applicant? These are what the recruiting services don't want you to know.

What You Need To Know – From admissions and athletics to financial aid and campus visits to Athletic Eligibility to paying for college and more. This is the most comprehensive approach to college recruiting.

Free Practice – Practice makes perfect – but you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars taking tests – With unlimited FREE practice PSAT, SAT, ACT and more, your family will save hundreds of dollars instantly.

Just Ask! FREE MENTOR SUPPORT – from essay writing to helping you draft your cover letter to campus visits and more, we are here to help you each step of the way.

Exclusive Quarterly College Tips – Learning how to be Prepared, Proactive and Persistent is one of the things you will receive to keep you up in the know.

TIP: You're more than a test score and GPA.
     Did you know...

Admission offices look for well-rounded students who will add value to their college community.