Showcase Rules

Within this area, we have provided some key information. As part of your application to participate, here are the rules of the game:

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IMPORTANT: We ask parents not to leave children un-attended while at the park. While the games are exciting, the facilities are public parks and are open to visitors, participants, and spectators. KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE AT ALL TIMES.


U15-U19 Teams can have a maximum of 22 players


Each team can have up to 5 guest players for a total roster count as indicated above.
All guest players must have a “guest player release” signed by the releasing team, and a copy of the “guest player release” MUST be provided at team check in. In addition, all guest players MUST be listed on the final team roster given at check in.

NOTE: If you have a guest player on your roster and their original team is participating in the showcase, the guest player MUST play with his/her original team. All players MUST be registered with their local state association. Players who are not a member of a state association are not allowed to participate.

Teams and individual players may register for the College-Style Clinic online. ALL PLAYERS MUST SUBMIT A SIGNED APPLICATION to participate in the Clinic.


Teams who don’t check in, show & provide appropriate documents, and start play will forfeit all entry fees and not be allowed to continue play. This is something we take very seriously!


As our EXCLUSIVE videographer, StreamSports is the ONLY entity allowed to film games at The Sport Source Showcase!

StreamSports will be offering its filming and highlight reel services to capture your games in High Definition. StreamSports films from Skypods, reaching a height of 25 feet, providing the perfect viewing angle for coaches, player and parents. StreamSports staff and employees come from sports backgrounds and all camera operators are trained specifically to film soccer.

Looking to get recruited? Have StreamSports create the perfect highlight reel for you to showcase your skills. Your highlight reel comes with your very own Player Portfolio, perfect for sending to coaches and recruiters.

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This is a Showcase, and college coaches are here to identify and recruit players.

The first team listed in the schedule is considered the HOME team. Any jersey conflicts will be resolved by the HOME team. Player jerseys must match the roster and number provided at check in. All players MUST wear shin-guards during the game and be dressed appropriately. Team should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the game start.

Coaches and/or players sent off during a match are not allowed to play/coach in the next match for that team. Players/Parents/Coaches who exhibit rude or aggressive behavior that’s considered offensive will be asked to leave the park. While everyone has probably witnessed this type of behavior, take a moment to consider this: if the name being used is not a person’s first or last name, it should not be used.

WHAT IS COOL - Showing respect for everyone and following the rules.

WHAT IS NOT COOL - Offensive language and aggressive behavior. Referees, Showcase staff, and field marshals have the authority to request players, coaches, and parents leave the fields and park.

If anyone has an issue or complaint regarding a referee’s decision, the team coach should put this in writing, bring it to the coaches’ tent at the conclusion of the game. Only the team coach should discuss these matters with the Showcase Director in order to resolve issues or complaints.

If the matter is a protest, it must be submitted in writing by the team coach at the conclusion of the match with $200 cash – non-refundable fee. Only protests that concern the Laws of the Game and/or ineligible players will be considered.

Trainers and medical staff are on-site. Priority is given to injured players! We have field marshals patrolling the area looking out for injury, persons needing assistance, etc. If a players needs “taping” prior to a match, please arrive to be taped at least 30 minutes prior to the game start. Should injury occur, the medical staff will provide assistance, call ambulances etc. REMEMBER: Never leave the park if you are injured during game-play without instructions from the medical staff.

As strange as it seems, some pet owners will not pick up after their pets or allow their dogs off of the leash. Some dogs are not happy around people, and exhibit aggressive behavior, scaring kids, and other pups are looking to get into the game and have fun…which probably would be entertaining. However, they are not listed on the roster, and this does not work with FIFA rules or tournament safety policy. As a result of the actions of others in past years, we are sorry to say that pets are no longer allowed at the showcase. BUMMER.

I can’t imagine people not wanting to keep the parks clean and safe for players and spectators. However, the sad truth is: many attendees and players litter, tossing their trash on the sidelines and the fields. This creates a dangerous field for players and coaches. On behalf of the City of McKinney, MSA, our attending teams, families, and visitors, we ask the litter bugs to PLEASE consider walking just a few steps to utilize one of the the many trash bins provided.

Trash bins are located by each field, entry area, restroom facility, field seating area, and just about everywhere in between, so PLEASE KEEP OUR PARKS CLEAN AND SAFE for everyone.

Each year, parents spend thousands of dollars on soccer gear, water bottles, phones, and more. Each year, we find warm-ups, shoes, shin-guards, IGLOO coolers, keys, phones, and more that are lost during the event. We do have a LOST & FOUND box inside the coaches’ tent, so please make sure you check the box before you leave the park.

NOTE: All items not picked up are donated to the local Goodwill. On behalf of the needy children who benefit from your loss, they say thank you for the cool stuff!

On behalf of the Showcase staff, we are a team of Volunteers, and we do our very best to ensure everyone has a great time. Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance or help. We love being happy and offer smiles for everyone at no charge, and if you have a few extra smiles to give, we always appreciate them!

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