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Only 2% of High-School Athletes are Actively Recruited by Top Colleges.
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An Inside Look At Youth Sports

According to the National Federation of High School Sports, there are nearly 7.8 million students ages 15-18 participating in sports at all levels. From High School to private organizations, millions of dollars are being paid by families from registration and dues, to sponsorships, uniforms and travel. For many families, it is the allure of their child “being recruited”, playing for an elite program and the promise of garnering scholarship to pay for college.

From large urban areas to small communities, organizations host try-outs, seeking to attract new players, while trying to retain existing ones. As organizations promote “total’ player development and education, others focus on what makes them “unique” or talk about the players who have gone on to college. Less than 2% offer any meaningful help or guidance.

Sadly, the majority of families are left to “figure it out” and end up spending thousands of dollars on recruiting services with negligible results, while others will take a “wait and see” approach, or sign up on recruiting sites, hoping their child, will “be recruited”.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Recruiting Services

Even if its free, with “millions of players registered”, the fact is - coaches don’t have the time or energy to search millions of player profiles looking for you, much less the time to figure out if you are interested in their school, or can meet admissions guidelines. With limited support from your organization, families are lured into spending a few hundred dollars a year, with the promise of your child will be recruited. Spending a few thousand more and you can increase your chances and post a video, or they will send your profile to college coaches. While it sounds good, they are also telling the millions of players registered the same thing.

Here’s a Secret...

a spot on a college roster is just like getting a job, you need to apply. The truth is, college coaches are not searching websites looking at millions of players trying to find you, and they don’t care what a recruiting service thinks about you, they just want to hear from you. It’s no different than playing sports –you gotta’ get into the game if you want to play.

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