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"When I was 6 years old watching Olympic athletes and professional players on TV, I told my dad, 'One day that will be me.' While my mom and dad passed before they could see me become a member of United States Olympic Development Program, win a national championship for my college, or get drafted to play professionally, I lived my dream, and I want to help you live yours.

"My name is Charlie Kadupski, Founder and CEO of The Sport Source®, and for all of the aspiring athletes around the world, this site was created for you."

SINCE 1989

In 1989, a vision of helping kids connect to the right college came to life, and since then, The Sport Source has been guiding student-athletes to the right college, both academically and athletically.

Our goal has remained the same - to ensure all kids who can make it in college make it to college.

Making a smooth transition from high school to college is what we are all about. Though we can’t guarantee everyone will receive a full athletic scholarship, we can promise that if you are honest with your abilities, you will find the right opportunity to make your dream a reality.

We are committed to helping kids connect to colleges, and with MATCHFIT®, our online college search engine, you are seconds away from making the right college connection.

Take the 24-Hour MATCHFIT® Challenge and let your story begin.

We believe that by empowering students and their families with knowledge, finding the right college fit is made easy.